AFO for Foot Drop

Avoid Wearing Injuries-
AFO brace for foot drop

An AFO for foot drop is a medical device that is placed directly under the foot to provide stability and support. Ankle Arthritis (OA) is the most common cause of discomfort and pain in the foot. AFOs are not considered a cure for OA but an aid to reduce pain and disability. They provide an element of relief from pain and other symptoms in addition to being a treatment for OA.

AFO brace for foot drop FORMS

Some are available as strapless compression straps which can be worn on the foot while sleeping. These can also be used while walking or doing chores around the house. AFO brace for foot drop straps that are placed on the foot after wearing them for a period of time or overnight are available for extended wear. A few of these straps even come with a foot clip that can be removed during the day for cleaning the house or doing yard work.

soft plastic material

AFO for foot drop are generally made of a soft plastic material with a hard band around the wrist and ankle. They come in various styles. The soft strap is more comfortable and many people prefer this type. The hard strap is designed for use when walking or working out and may be a little uncomfortable. This is because there is increased stress on the wrist and ankle during those activities.

Features of AFO

Velcro Straps

A good feature of AFO for foot drop are the Velcro straps that allow for free size adjustment. AFO straps for free size are available in several different colors.The ankle is held in the AFO and is held up with Velcro straps that allow for free size adjustment. 


They have small oval holes at the bottom of the band. The color that you choose will determine what color your AFO will look like. These straps are also available in pink, green, purple, light blue and black.A waterproof cuff attaches to the front of your shoe.



The AFO foot drop brace fits most sizes of foot. It will not fit someone with larger or smaller size feet. If you have a larger or smaller size ankle, the AFO will work with your foot. The ankle is held in the AFO and is held up with Velcro straps that allow for free size adjustment. 

Things to consider

There are a few things to consider about having an AFO brace for foot drop bracelet as it works well for helping to prevent ankle injuries. It is best for those who have a mild to moderate level of ankle pain and gait abnormalities. Those who are suffering from severe cases of arthritis should consult with their physician first. AFO for foot drop should not be used by anyone with severe cases of ankle pain or gait disorder. Before using it, you must consult with a podiatrist to determine if it is right for you.

Another thing to consider is that because it is a medical-grade brace, it will cost more than other brace styles. AFO for footwear is made by medical grade silicone material. Silicone is considered the best material for supporting the weight of your foot. A waterproof cuff attaches to the front of your shoe.

AFO in sports

AFO’s were initially designed for athletes and those involved in sports requiring high knee lift, such as baseball and rugby. However, athletes involved in less serious sports such as running, cycling, track running and skating have also seen them beneficial in reducing lower limb muscle activation, particularly at the back of the ankle where the iliotibial band is located. An AFO for foot drop has two major components which differ from those used in the case of an AFO for knee lift. The first component is a rigid support hinged at the ankle, around which the heel and ball of the foot are supported. This rigid support structure provides a strong, rigid mid-thigh area for walking while minimizing excessive inward rotation of the feet. It also supports the arch of the lower foot by acting as a middle between the flat tyre and the foot. 

Afo in Exercise

An AFO for foot drop can be used during exercise. It is used to help prevent excessive landing or unwanted landing when doing exercises like walking or running. When wearing this style of brace, you will want to avoid activities that put too much strain on the ankle or foot. If you do not need to wear it during exercise, it will not be a problem to carry it with you when going out.


An AFO for foot drop (AFOR), as with many orthotics, is designed to minimize excessive iliotibial band muscle activation during walking, which in turn minimizes lower limb muscle activation and the subsequent pain experienced. An AFO for foot drop was originally designed for the relief of high-pronation deformity and is now used commonly for other musculoskeletal conditions as well. The acronym AFO stands for Ankle Flexor, Forefoot Finish, and Plantar Fascia and it refer to the four points at the back of the heel bone that runs alongside the toes. These four points are known to contribute to the excessive inward rotation of the feet that can result in pain.